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Up-Cycling Your Denim At Home

Sustainability is a major part of today's society. Being sustainable not only helps the environment but also helps to create a better lifestyle for us humans. So why wouldn't you want to play your part in creating a better lifestyle?

REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE; the three main words when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry. I believe we can make amazing garments from things we already own. Upcycling garments from old items in your wardrobe is a way of making an unloved item loved again. From using jeans to shorts or tops to jackets, all of these can be turned into something new.

Denim is a massive part of the fashion world and is constantly being purchased. So why not use your old denim pieces and turn them into something new!

You can turn your jeans into so many new things like shorts, a skirt, a top, a jacket and even a bag! There are so many different things you can create from your old pair of jeans that you no longer want... so stop and think before you throw an item away.

Did you know to make one pair of denim jeans 1800 gallons of water is needed?

Here's how to make your jeans into a skirt...

1. Grab your pair of jeans and cut the leg length off up to your desired length of the skirt

2. Then you're going to unpick the crotch area so you're left with an open hem

3. You will then need to cut up 2/3cm more on the crotch, this needs to be done on the back as well. (This means the fabric can fall naturally over each other)

4. You will then sew the two front pieces together where the fall over each other

5. To hide the triangle you will be left with, grab some fabric that you cut off and place under the front of the skirt

6. Sew the piece down and cut of the excess fabric left in this area

7. For the back all you need to sew is the slit you created from cutting the crotch area.

8. You can then also fray the hem and just like that you've created your own skirt!

Up-cycling clothes helps prevent landfills from growing even more, it also helps conserve the environment; lowering land, water and air pollution. As well as this, it also reduces the cost of production. There are so many positives to up-cycling your denim garments so try it out and see what you can create.

By Contributing Writer:

Grace Poppy - I Am Grace Poppy

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