Jeanie are dedicated to ensuring our sustainability and ethical efforts are put into action throughout every aspect of our business, and this includes giving back to those around us, as well as collaborating with incredible foundations to get our message out there. Jeanie are working hard with a number of charity organisations to ensure the efforts of many brands and foundations are recognised.



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The Jeans ReDesign is a project set up by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The aim is to get brands like ours on board, to follow a set of guidelines which tackle waste and pollution alongside the practices involved in the production of denim. Jeanie are proud to be a signatory brand involved in the project, to further our contributions towards reducing fashion waste, increasing the use of clothing, and moving towards a circular economy.



Fashion For Good are a charity organisation, working to eliminate the ‘Take-Make-Waste’ model used by the fashion industry, and implement a circular Good Fashion approach, that is restorative and regenerative by design.
Jeanie are proud supporters of the work Fashion For Good do, therefore 10% of every sale made will go to the Fashion For Good cause, in order to contribute to the work they are doing.



Jeanie are proud to be a small business in the North West, and in addition to our sustainability message, we want to support our local charities and give back to organisations which are important to us. Additionally to sourcing our denim from charity shops, Jeanie will be donating garments, and fundraising to help support these charities on top of our regular partnerships, to give back.