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4 denim trends for Summer 2020

Denim might not be a fabric that you immediately think of wearing when the weather gets warmer, but it's so versatile and timeless that it should be in your wardrobe for every season. Here's the lowdown on which denim trends to look out for in Summer 2020.

Lets start with the basics - jeans.

In the warmer months, light coloured denim is always in high demand and its prominence in 2020 is no exception. Light blue, grey, pastel, acid wash or white, it's time to choose a replacement for your dark denim.

This year we saw the straight leg and Mom jean take over the trends and they're following us into summer, but with a twist. We can expect to see extra detailing, such as rips or embroidery, added to classic styles that we already know and love.

There's also a new (but not really..) style in town...Denim trends, and fashion in general, tend to come back around every few years and for summer 2020 it's the return of the bootcut. It's a love or hate style but a classic nonetheless.

Moving away from the traditional denim pieces, summer 2020 also sees the reintroduction of the denim dress. Whether it's strappy, midi, bodycon, short-sleeved or long-sleeved, it'll be a key item during the summer months.

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