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The Jeans ReDesign

The Jeans ReDesign is a set of guidelines published by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation,

and leading fashion brands and manufacturers to transform the way they produce jeans, tackle waste, pollution and the use of harmful practices.

The guidelines set out minimum requirements on garment durability, material health, recyclability and traceability and are based on implementing a circular economy. This will ensure that denim garments last longer and are therefore in circulation for longer due to their ability to be recycled.

'The Jeans Redesign [has] brought together more than 40 denim experts from academia, brands, retailers, manufacturers, collectors, sorters, and NGOs, to develop the Guidelines,' and over thirty leading brands, manufacturers, and fabric mills are using the Guidelines to make jeans that will be available on the market by Autumn 2020.

Jeanie are proud to be a part of this influential project and are dedicated to ensuring all our jeans follow the guidelines to transform the way we produce Jeans.

By using secondhand denim and up cycling these garments into brand new clothing, we are prolonging the life of the pieces that would otherwise be thrown away and wasted.

Find out more about The Jeans ReDesign HERE

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