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How to Make Your Denim Last Longer

1. Treat coated jeans with care

It is recommended that you do not machine wash your coated jeans . Although the label may say it is safe to do so, in order to ensure the coating lasts as long as possible, hand wash your coated jeans in cold water and lay them flat to dry.

2. Take your jeans out of the wash as soon as the cycle ends

In order to avoid faded wrinkles on the surface of your denim garments, make sure to take them out of the wash as soon as the cycle ends. Set an alarm so you don't forget!

3. Over washing is over doing it

As tempting as it may be to just throw your jeans in the wash after every use, DON'T DO IT! Over washing will reduce the life of your denim as the fabric will wear away quicker. Save yourself some pounds and keep the denim you have living for longer.

4. Use the right detergent

Use a detergent that is made to be used on coloured garments such as Persil Colour Protect Liquid. Other detergents are packed with chemicals which damage the colour in your coloured garments and cause them to fade faster.

5. Turn jeans inside out

Turning your jeans inside out before washing will help prevent the dye from running in the wash and will also help prevent the sunlight fading the colour if you are drying them outside.

6. Go easy on the tumble drying

Tumble drying too much will damage the lycra fibres in the your denim and reduce their stretchiness. Leave your jeans to air dry as much as possible.

7. Be careful with embellished jeans

If you like a bit of bling on your denim, keep it out of the washing machine. In order to ensure the embellishments last as long as possible, hand wash your garments to avoid detachment.

8. Give your jeans their colour back

Just because your jeans are fading, this doesn't mean they have come to the end of their life. Keep your jeans going strong by using a washing machine dye. These will regenerate the colour of your darker jeans or dye your lighter jeans darker. They go into the wash one way and come out as a whole new pair!

9. Recreate the distressed look

If you get a tear or a rip in your jeans, just take it one step further and distress them even more. Cut the rip with a pair of scissors and fray the edges with a pair of tweezers. Keep going and create as many rips as you like!

By Founder & CEO Megan Hinchcliffe

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