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How We Do It

Here at Jeanie, we pride ourselves on designing and producing the best quality garments for our consumers, and here's how we do it.

1. You sell your unwanted denim to us.

This is how our loyal consumers can make a difference. Using the Jeanie App, you can sell on your unwanted denim to us. We pay you immediately for the clothing you sell, meaning you don't have to wait around to clear out that overflowing wardrobe.

This is the main sourcing method for Jeanie. We do not outsource new denim fabrics, therefore we rely on you, our consumer, to source the fabrics for us.

2. We hand craft new denim garments, made from 100% up cycled materials.

This is where it gets creative. Jeanie's talented designers, craftsmen and craftswomen will then up cycle the pieces you sell to us, and hand make them into brand new garments. This is how Jeanie clothing is manufactured. All hand made and sold on to enter a whole new life with someone new. We are proud to say our garments are made in the UK and work together with our employees to ensure fair wages and safe conditions are at the height of our priorities. We are a family of skilled designers, craftsmen and craftswomen. This our passion and we love what we do.

3. We sell back 100% up cycled garments to you!

Jeanie aim to produce 300 garments per season, thats 100 garments available per month. Yes we are operating on a very small scale, but this is because we put so much love into every garment we produce. We take the time to ensure designs are always up to date and that every aspect of our clothing is made to the highest quality. Every piece of clothing you buy from Jeanie is completely unique and one of a kind, meaning not one piece is replicated, and you're free to show off your new pair of Jeans without the risk of an awkward outfit twinning occurrence. You're welcome!

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the Jeanie Re-Sale App

Launching 23rd May 2020

Jeanie Shop Launching 8th August 2020

By Founder & CEO Megan Hinchcliffe

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