Our Top 5 Favourite Sustainable Brands Right Now

As consumers, I think we’re all aware by now that we need to change our mindset towards not only the products that we buy, but the amount that we buy. We’ve seen the shocking videos of ocean plastic, the damage to wildlife and I think we know that we WANT to change, but that’s actually pretty hard – our minds have been trained for consumerism. That disposable coffee cup might be recyclable but in the grand scheme of things, we probably don’t even think about where it’s gone in the world. Let’s be real, it’s easier to get a disposable cup from the coffee shop than carry a reusable one in your bag.

But here’s the new mindset concept, it’s price per wear. Shops like Primark might not be breaking our banks with £3 t-shirts, but slowly it is going to break the planet. There are sustainable brands out there that will support our new mindset and here’s our top 5 right now.

Swimwear : Stay Wild Swim

On the lookout for a new bikini? Stay Wild Swim is the place to go. Sustainably made by regenerating marine plastic, this brand is tackling plastic pollution directly whilst offering gorgeous swimwear to their consumers. Manufacturing is based in London so there’s low air miles too.

T-shirts & Sweatshirts : Wholesome Culture

Wholesome Culture’s mission is to inspire a plant-based lifestyle, selling t shirts and sweatshirts made ethically that support this message. Their best-selling slogan tee is ‘Skip a Straw, Save a Turtle’. With a proportion of their profits donated to animal rescue and environmental organisations, being a consumer of Wholesome Culture is an indirect way to support the planet.

Skincare : Lush

In my opinion, Lush have been one of the pioneers for eco-friendly living, through their skincare and make-up ranges. The first brand that, I guess, would have been known for ‘No animal testing’, shown on their carrier bags (paper, not plastic, may I add). From shampoo bars, to bath bombs, their packaging is first of all, minimal, but also recyclable where it needs to be.

Coffee Cups : Keep Cup

Keep Cup is in the reusable coffee cup market to simply encourage a disposable free world. Since statistics about recycling coffee cups have been revealed, plenty of other retailers have begun to offer reusable coffee cups for consumers as well as a discount when the reusable cup is used in store. With Keep Cup, you can choose your size and your design, all for a reasonable price if we think back to the price per wear/use concept.

Sportswear : Adidas

Adidas has partnered with Parley to again use ocean plastic in their products. These products are definitely on the pricier side for sportswear, but the mission that they have cannot be faulted, along with the quality that these products offer to all sports lovers!

By Contributing Writer

Im Allen - The Im Life

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